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- A web log to facilitate the understanding of the activities of the Niger Delta Basin Development Authority and its linkages with other national institutions. Friends of the Authority can keep abreast of developments in the Authority's mandate area.

Agriculture and Irrigation Projects

 Small Scale Irrigation Projects
(a) Scope
 Establishment of 100-200 hectares of irrigation crop farm in identified location.
 Provide all the basic infrastructures for the participating farmers.
 Currently, there are eight (8) identified locations viz. Anyama-Ogbia Fando-Onopa, Isiokpo, Kpong, Eghwu, Egberu, Utagbo and Ndemili.
(b) Achievement
(i) Anyama-Ogbia Irrigation Farm (Bayelsa State).
 100 ha acquired and surveyed
 70 ha of primary forest cleared
 2.4km length of perimeter dyke constructed between 1996-2000
 2.4km field canals and 3km cross bunds were also constructed same period.
 In year 2001, work on the project was suspended due to inadequate funding and hostilities within the area.
(ii) Fando-Onopa Irrigation Farm (Bayelsa State)
 100 ha acquired and surveyed.
 20 ha cleared of primary forest
 Activities suspended at the farm around 2001 due to inadequate
(iii) Isiokpo Piggery/Irrigation Farm (Rivers State)
 Three (3) piggery houses constructed.
 Current stock population of pigs is 144.
 Fencing of the 11 ha pilot area is completed.
 Construction of labour line completetd.
 Security house earlier constructed was rehabilitated.
 8 ha cropped continuously under pilot crop/vegetable production
 Installation of sprinkler irrigation system in progress
 A borehole with 20,000 gallons overhead tank is in place
 Construction of surface reservoir with line/reinforced concrete is in progress.
 A 300 KVA transformer within the farm complex installed.
 Construction of a honey Bee Farm is in progress
 Construction of 1,2 km earth road in advanced stage of completion.
 Construction of 1km drain and kerbs completed
 Construction of additional (2) piggery houses at advanced stage of
 Construction of 1 no. goatry house and fish farm is at advanced
Stage of completion..

(iv) Kpong Irrigation/Livestock Farm (Rivers State)
 89 ha acquired and surveyed
 Farm earlier developed with sprinkler irrigation system installed.
 Staff quarters and other operational buildings built.
 Activities in the farm were suspended within the mid 1990s due to communal crisis in Ogoni land
 Currently, farm is being rehabilitated
 Rehabilitation of labour line and staff quarters in progress
 Electricity of the project in advanced stage
 Rehabilitation of the poultry houses, water supply scheme, the construction and stocking of a fish pond in progress.

(v) Eghwu Irrigation Farm (Delta State)
 100 ha acquired and surveyed
 10 ha pilot cassava farm established.
(vi) Ndemili Irrigation Farm (Delta State)
 Studies and design of the project completed
 Clearing and land preparation of 10 ha pilot farm in progress
 Farm shed is being constructed
 Connecting the farm to the national electricity grid is on-going

vii) Umuseti Utagba Uno Irrigation farm (Delta State)
 Studies and design completed
 10 ha pilot area cleared
 Farm shed constructed
 Labour line completed

(viii) Egberu Irrigation farm (Rivers State)
 20 ha of land acquired, survey and demarcated.
 Bush clearing commenced.
 Provision of electricity, farm shed and 10ha pilot crop farm is ongoing.

 Isampou Rice Irrigation Project
(a) Scope:
 The aim is to develop 2000 hectares of irrigation rice farm at Isampou in Bayelsa State
 All basic irrigation infrastructures would be provided.
 About 15.8km of irrigation/drainage canals and dykes to be

(b) Achievement:
 Studies and design completed by Summit Engineering Corp of USA with a grant from African Development Bank (ADB)
 Phase 1 of 1300 ha surveyed and demarcated.
 110 ha cleared of primary forest
 Farm house and parboiling house constructed.
 A mill house with one-tonne /hour mill installed and is operational.
 Contract awarded for the procurement and installation of 5-tonne/hour rice mill
 Rehabilitation of the pilot scheme, provision of access road and construction of a landing jetty is in progress
 20 ha pilot scheme is planted with rice
 50 ha extension area also planted with rice by the participating farmers.

Ekporo Irrigation Project
(a)    Scope
v               Development of an irrigated fruits/vegetable farm at Ekporoin  Rivers State.
v               300ha to be developed for irrigation project under Phase I.  Fruits and vegetables are to be produced on completion of project.
(b)     Achievement
v  105 ha acquired and surveyed
v  Crop compensation fully paid
v  20 ha of pineapples of smooth cayenne variety planted.
v  Staff quarters constructed
v  Borehole with overhead tank provided for the farm and community
v  Additional 20 ha cleared and planted with cassavav  Construction of farm house is 80% completed

 Peremabiri Rice Irrigation Project
(a) Scope
 Establishment of irrigated rice farm at Peremabiri.
 It will involve the development of 2500ha of rice irrigation farm at Peremabiri in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. All necessary basic infrastructures would be provided to facilitate rice production.

(b) Achievement:
 At inception of this Authority within the late 1970s and early 1980s, 2500 ha were acquired and surveyed.
 340 ha cleared of primary forest and developed for rice production
 Basic infrastructures including rice mills, staff quarters, silos, dykes and canals, warehouse, workshop, plants and machinery of various sizes were put in place at Peremabiri farm.
 All these structures and facilities were destroyed and looted at the wake of youths restiveness in the Niger Delta.
 In 2005, a tripartite Presidential Committee involving the Federal Government, represented by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and NDBDA, Bayelsa State Government and Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was formed and empowered to rehabilitating the project. That committee has submitted an updated report of the project to the ministry.