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Thursday, 25 April 2013

New Chairmen for Federal Boards and Agencies


New Chairmen  River Basin Authorities 
The statement by the SGF also said the various River Basin Authorities in Nigeria now have chairmen for their various boards.
In that regard, the Upper Niger River Basin Dev. Authority has Sam Odeh as its Chairman while the Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority has David Idoko as Chairman.
The Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority, now has Col. I. Biu as Chairman while the Benin-Owena RIver Basin Development Authority has William A. Makinde as Chairman.
The Niger Delta River Basin Development. Authority has James Sekibo as its Chairman and the Cross River Basin Authority has Mike Mku as Chairman.
The Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority has Abdu Bulama as Chairman while the Anambra-Imo River Basin Authority has the deputy national chairman of the PDP, Sam Sam Jaja as Chairman.
The Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority has Clifford Odia as Chairman and the Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority has Christie Silas.
The statement, added that each of the Governing Council/Board shall include the Ex-officio memberships specified in the Enabling Law of the Parastatal/Agency.
Accordingly, it also announced that the dates for formal inauguration of the Governing Councils/Boards will be announced by the ministers or the relevant supervising authorities responsible for the various Parastatals/Agencies.